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BYD DOLPHIN Launches in Australia, Combining the Best of Both Worlds

by Xiao Lai 29 Jun 2023
On June 22nd, BYD joined forces with its local partner, EV Direct, to hold the BYD DOLPHIN launch event at Sea World on the Gold Coast. The event unveiled the pricing details, with the standard range version priced at AUD 38,890, the long-range version at AUD 44,890, and the sport version at AUD 49,990. The launch event took place in the mesmerizing and ocean-inspired setting of Sea World, where attendees had the opportunity to immerse themselves in a captivating interactive experience and witness the unique charm of the BYD DOLPHIN.

Perfect Fusion of BYD DOLPHIN and the Marine World

The launch of the BYD DOLPHIN brings more choices to the Australian market. Drawing inspiration from the ocean, the design language of the BYD DOLPHIN introduces a fresh and innovative concept to consumers. With a body length of 4290mm, a width of 1770mm, and a height of 1570mm, the BYD DOLPHIN provides enhanced seating comfort in the rear, while maintaining a sleek and agile body.

Furthermore, the e-platform 3.0 allows for a more versatile interior space in the BYD DOLPHIN, offering various configurations to suit different needs. The rear seats can be completely folded down, providing a storage capacity of up to 1310 litres, achieving a balance between passenger comfort and storage capacity.

In terms of range performance, the BYD DOLPHIN can achieve a range of over 400 kilometers, meeting the demands of most daily scenarios. In terms of safety, all variants of the BYD DOLPHIN come equipped with a range of standard safety assist systems. Additionally, the BYD DOLPHIN utilizes the industry's safest BYD Blade Battery, which is integrated into the vehicle's chassis structure, providing consumers with a safer and more reliable driving experience and ensuring passenger safety.

During the launch event, Yung You, General Manager of BYD Australia, expressed his excitement about partnering with EV Direct to introduce the excellent BYD DOLPHIN to the Australian market. He highlighted that as a global leader in new energy vehicles, BYD is committed to promoting sustainable development and reducing environmental impact. BYD's products are renowned worldwide for their outstanding performance, solid technology, and reliability. Just as the Australian government is dedicated to achieving sustainable development goals, BYD also shares the same commitment by providing consumers with better mobility experiences and actively responding to global emission reduction initiatives. Yung You believes that BYD's positive contributions can drive sustainable development in Australia, achieving a win-win situation for environmental governance and the development of new energy vehicles.

BYD DOLPHIN Steals the Spotlight

The BYD DOLPHIN made a stunning debut at the Australian launch event, aiming to meet the Australian consumers' demands for quality, environmental friendliness, and affordability. With its fresh design language, exquisite craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology, this model will continue to enrich BYD's product portfolio and cater to various usage scenarios in the Australian market. The introduction of the BYD DOLPHIN injects a vibrant touch into Australia's green future, contributing to the realization of a new era of green energy in the country.
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